Pitch: In the fifties, Elfred, doctor in a private country psychiatric hospital, attends to his nine patients with much devotion. The unexpected arrival of Charles Serin, a doctor from another establishment, and the discovery of a terrible secret buried within the heart the estate, will shake the peaceful atmosphere until then prevailing amongst this great family.


Short film - HD - 30 minutes

Written and directed by Arnold de Parscau

Produced by Frédérique Albrecht and Pascal Bonnet for "Les Raboteurs Production" With support of "Prix Eric Jean

Starring Philippe Nahon, Antoine Coesens, Philippe Rebbot, Dominique Bettenfeld, Emmanuelle Escourrou, Georges Ser, Greta Risa...

Sound: Dominique Warnier, Didier Lozahic, Louis Déceneux

Performed by F.A.M.E.’S. Project – Macedonia Radio Symphonic Orchestra

Conductor: Oleg Kontradenko
Sound engineer: Georgii Hristovski
Protools engineer: Boban Apostolov
Stage manager: Riste Trajkovski and Evtim Ristov
Orchestra contractor: Aude Nassieu Maupas
Score copyist: Paul Ordonez

Extra Musicians: 

Violin: Jean-frédéric Tixier / Violin: Paul Roux / Viola: Elodie Robine / Cello: Julie Laderach / Clarinet: Adrien Bernège


Trailer: Jean-Philippe Ferré