“Looks that kill”

When an extremely dangerous and highly secretive pair of undergarments with the power to destroy the world fall into the wrong hands, the call goes out to the only team who can stop the villain in her tracks Yuki 7 and the Gadget Girls! Can they recover the lethal lingerie in time, or will world succumb to the evil will of this fashion fiend?

This release goes along with the opening of the pre-ordering of the new book “Looks that kill” by Kevin Dart and Elizabeth Ito.
Here comes the new adventures of Yuki7, click here if you want to see the first film.

Category: Animation
Directors: Kevin Dart & Stephane Coedel
Agency: Fleet Street Scandal
Location: USA

Vocals: Emma Rey
Lyrics: Kevin Dart & Cyrille Marchesseau
Musical Assistant:
Sébastien Poitevin

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Posted: 27 May 2014


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